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This teaching kit includes all equipment necessary to implement the SNAG K-5 Elementary PE Program. Schools, along with Parks, are where the kids and families are. It is also where virtually every other sport has already adapted their equipment and programs to teach young kids and grow their player base. Now with SNAG, golf has this same opportunity to reach young kids and families in Parks and Schools as every other sport does.

SNAG-A-School Program

It WORKS . . . the Midwest PGA, using our SNAG-A-School Program, just went from teaching 3,000 kids per year to over 250,000 kids and families per year in just 3 years . . . imagine the impact on your community if every boy and every girl were taught the basics of golf while in their PE Classes. This is exactly how soccer and little league baseball got its start. They introduce the sport in school PE and then adapted their equipment for junior league play and parent involvement at the parks starting as early as age 5 or 6 years old.

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    2x Equipment Bag

    36x Launchers RH

    6x Launcher LH

    24x Rollers

    12x Launch Pads

    2x Large Bullseye Target

    4x Rollerama

    4x SNAGazoo

    4x Snapper

    4x SNAG-O-Matic

    4x Roller Brush

    16x Hoop Clock

    2x 100 SNAG Balls

    1x Scoring Zone

    4x Flagsticky