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Super SNAG® was designed as the bridge between regular SNAG® and traditional golf. It allows a player to still have the unbelievable success at ball striking as regular SNAG®, but with the added challenge of a much more accurate benchmark in learning how to score and to demostrate precise course management skills.

Basically, everything is smaller . . . the clubs, the ball, the rollerama, the bullseye targets, the lower tee, the flagsticky and a more traditional grip. Oh yeah, it is time to step it up to improve your skills and this is the perfect combination for Junior High aged players and adults who still need full striking success – not failure and intimidation as is often found when first starting with traditional golf.

Super SNAG Kit Components:

12... 34" RH Launchers

2..... 34" LH Launchers

8..... 34" Super Rollers

8..... 18" Rolleramas

100.. SuperSNAG Balls

2..... Super Bullseye Targets

4..... Super Flagstickys

12... Launch Pads

12....Super Tees

1.... Equipment Carrier

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