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The Visual Tracking System (VTS) focuses on the instruction component of “how” to play. 

The Visual Tracking System (VTS) will train new learners to become more accurate in their practice and performance in all aspects of the game. The VTS is the most versatile way for high handicap players to visually target the hole. The System is based on the scientific fact that the subconscious mind records experiences and guides our responses to different situations when we don’t even realize it; the subconscious mind is a powerful tool we can harness to teach new skills that stay with us for a lifetime.  In our daily lives we have all been conditioned by visual stimuli. Red means stop, green means go, arrows are meant to provide direction, etc. There are three main components to the VTS: Spots, Dots & Arrows. The Spots, Dots and Arrows provide a new learner the visual stimuli needed for the brain to follow to accurately deliver the ball.

Spots: These circular “spots” are used to visually illustrate points to judge distance when pitching and launching in order to learn where to land the ball. When instructing a student to chip, you can say “See the green dot, make the ball land there and roll the rest of the way to the hole”. Instructors talk about doing it and may even use a coin or other object but no one has ever had a system for instructing the “where”. 

 Dots: These circular “dots” provide points to judge distance when chipping and putting in order to learn where to land the ball. Chipping and putting require accuracy. The arrows are spread just wide enough for the ball to pass through, creating a pathway for the ball to accurately hit the target. 

Arrows: Our brain is trained to follow arrows; they tell us where to go. Within the VTS there are two sets of bright yellow arrows, small and large. The small arrows are for chipping and rolling and the large arrows are full pitching and launching.  Long rectangular Connectors are also provided to make the arrows longer if needed. Using Connectors you can make very long arrows to direct a new learner to better follow a particular direction. You would use this learning tool to train the new learner to focus on being more accurate based upon the visual stimuli of arrows.  You could use it to illustrate to unskilled players how to play a slope or to just to lineup the shot.

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