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The Small Group "Learn & Play" Kit gives an instructor and/or a facility the equipment and learning system to instruct up to 16 new learners at one time. PLUS we've added in the "Play" component with equipment to set up a 6 hole SNAG Course for play. It is perfect for those wanting to integrate teaching with playing for small groups of varying ages, as it contains everything you need to teach classes for ages 5 through adults.

• 21 launchers; 7 Launchers (6 right, 1 left) of each size (26’, 30’ and 34”)

• 4 Rollers of each size (26’, 30’ and 34”) equaling 12 rollers
• 6 Launch Pads
• 2 FlagstickyTargets
• 200 SNAG balls
• 2 RolleramaTargets
• 1 BullseyeTargets
• 2 Snapper Training Tools
• 2 SNAGazooTraining Tools
• 2 Roller Brush Training Tools
• 2 SNAG-O-MaticTraining Tools
• 8 Hoop Clocks
• 2 Equipment Carrier
• Training Manuals
• Instructional Videos


• 1 Scoring Zone (includes 3 SNAG-A-Greens) **This kit adds an extra 3 SNAG-A-Greens along with 1 SNAG-A-Feature**

• 4 Extra Flagstickys

SNAG Golf Scoring Zones allow Pros to train new learners to become more accurate in their practice and performance in all aspects of the game. The Scoring Zones focus on “where” to play based on distance. Scoring Zones provide the visual stimuli needed to learn which shot to play based upon distance from the hole (Flagsticky).A SNAG hole is set up in colorful zones with each of the shots written out on a marker to instruct the new learner on which shot to play from that distance. This helps develop the necessary course management skills early in the learning process. Spots and arrows are used to depict the various zones.

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