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    The Large Group Coaching Kit was designed to safely and effectively teach 16 – 48* new learners at one time. The kit includes clubs, targets, training tools, balls, launch pads and a specially designed equipment carrier. It is the mainstay for any professional training large groups of new learners. The only thing that differentiates the Coaching Kits is the size of the clubs they contain. You can add additional sized clubs to teach other age groups. These additional club packages are called supplemental kits. *We recommend that golf and recreational pros limit their group sizes to 16. Physical educators are accustomed to handling groups between 32 and 48. Coaches Kit 35” (11 to adult- tall) 14 Launchers (12 right, 2 left) 8 Rollers 12 Designed for Adults and those 5'8" and taller. Launch Pads 4 Flagsticky Targets 100 SNAG balls 4 Rollerama Targets 2 Bullseye Targets 4 Snapper Training Tools 4 SNAGazoo Training Tools 4 Roller Brush Training Tools 4 SNAG-O-Matic Training Tools 16 Hoop Clocks 1 Equipment Carrier Access to Manuals & Instructional Videos online Supplemental Kit 26”* (5-7 yrs old) 14 Launchers (12 right, 2 left) Rollers Supplemental Kit 30”* (8-10 yrs old) 14 Launchers (12 right, 2 left) Rollers *Note: A Supplemental Kit is sold separately and is comprised of the 22 clubs in a Coaching Kit only in a different size. Adding a supplemental kit will expand the age range of the kit.